RAF185 Ramp Function to Analog Converter

RAF185 Data Sheet
RAF185 Quadrature Input Option
RAF185 Up-Down Counter Option

The RAF185 converts period ramp, pulse accumulation or quadrature to DC signal and features:

  • Voltage free contact or external source pulse input.
  • Output up to 18Vdc or 50mAdc.
  • Master reset.
  • 2000Vrms isolation.
  • Time base (Period) adjustments.
  • Front adjustments for span and zero.
  • All common AC or DC supplies.
  • Sensor excitation.
  • Microprocessor based.

Common applications include:

  • Motor start-up and speed control.
  • Time base manipulation.
  • Up, down or up/down and stair case control of process signal.
  • Pulse accumulation.
  • Quadrature