DI739 Dual Channel Isolator
DI739 Data Sheet
DI739 Iinput options
DI739 Thermocouple splitter wiring

The DI739 combines two fully independent isolator channels in one housing
  • The inputs are factory configured to customer requirement
  • Both outputs are jumper configurable for common process signals
  • Factory default is 4-20mA out
  • Final calibration can be trimmed by using the front accessible Span and Zero potentiometers
  • Optional alarm on channel 2
  • Two power supply ranges: 10-60 VDC (16-42 VAC), 80-280 VAC (80-300 VDC)
  • Isolation is 2 kVrms between all 6 ports
  • Connection is via removable screw 8-way terminals
The DI739 can be used in a number of ways
  • Two channel isolation and any mix of signals
  • Isolation and conditioning of two field sensors
  • Signal splitting (one input and two isolated outputs)
  • Range splitting where output 1 responds to 0-50% of input, output 2 to 50-100% of input