BSC133 Bipolar Signal Converter
BSC133 Data Sheet

BSC133 Input Option Data Sheets
RTD, mV, T/C
ACV, ACA, resistance, pH/Orp
Frequency, DC pulse, floating differential
Bipolar 3-wire potentiometer

BSC133 Output Option Data Sheets
High output drive
External ratio adjustment
Ramp, aux. DC supply
Peak hold, track & hold

The BSC133 converts uni- & bipolar input signals to a bi-polar DC signal
  • Inputs include AC/DC current & volts, resistance, temperature RTD (Pt100) & thermocouple, pH/ORP, frequency & pulse, LVDT and millivolts
  • Load independent bi-polar output
  • High power output & dither options for hydraulic applications
  • Adder or subtractor options
  • Output ramp, external ratio peak hold and track & hold options
  • Sensor excitation
  • Front adjustments for span and zero
  • All common AC or DC supplies
Common applications include
  • Signal conversion
  • Hydraulic drive and solenoid actuation