ATP 168 Analog To Potentiometer Converter

ATP168 Data Sheet

The analog to potentiometer isolating signal converter can convert most process signals into a potentiometer output.

The output signal level is indicated by a green L.E.D. on the front of the module, giving a clear indication of module function, signal presence and loop condition for current outputs. Various power supply choices are available ranging from 240Vac down to 8dc. All provide power isolation and surge protection.

  • Connection can be made as a 3-wire pot or 2-wire variable resistor.
  • The potentiometer consists of a series of true resistors that can be switched with 1 in 255 (8 bit) resolution
  • Front adjustments for span and zero
  • All common AC or DC supplies
  • 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2000 Vrms between input signal, resistance output and power supply
Typical application include
  • Replace mechanical pot used for control of existing machinery;
  • Automatic control of gain or offset in instrumentation;
  • Provide programmable adjustment for Delays, Filters or Time Constants.