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Universal Signal Conditioner
Universal Signal Conditioner USC701
  • Programmable I/O
  • Inputs: 2 analog, 2 pulse
  • Outputs: 1 analog or pulse, 2 relays, MODBUS
  • Sensor excitation
  • Math, logic, custom linearization
  • More info

Signal Splitter
Signal Splitter T/C, RTD, V, mA SSP235
  • Input: 4-20mA, mV, bipolar, T/C, RTD, pulse, Ω, V, mA
  • Output signals can be different from each other and from input
  • Sensor excitation
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APCS Products

USC701  Universal Signal Conditioner

MPA166  16pt Digital to Analog Converter

APC153  Analog to Pulse Converters
APC253  Analog to Pulse Converters

ATR167  Analog To Resistance Converter

ATP168  Analog To Potentiometer Converter

BSC133  Bipolar Signal Converter

DI739    Dual Channel Isolator

HVI237   5KV Isolator

RAF185   Ramp Function Converter

TRA173  Triple Alarm

TCT226  T/C Transmitter

RTDT225 RTD Transmitter

SSP235   Signal Splitter T/C, RTD, V, mA

CDT728   Conductivity, Salinity Transmitter

CDT128   Conductivity Transmitters

PHT129   pH/ORP Transmitter

MTS570   16-Point Level Sensor

PM277    Differential Pressure Monitor

LVDT149  LVDT Transmitter

STM156  Zero Speed (Stall) Monitor

Differential Pressure Monitor
Differential Pressure Monitor PM277
  • Piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor
  • Pressure range from 0.3psi to 30psi (2kPa to 200kPa)
  • Analog and relay contact outputs
  • More info
Zero Speed (Stall) Monitor
Zero Speed (Stall) Monitor STM156
  • Input: external pulse and any type of speed sensor
  • Relay contact output
  • Front adjustments for trip speed and start-up delay
  • More info
Conductivity Transmitter
Conductivity Transmitter CDT128
  • Any type of conductivity input
  • Output to 18VDC or 50mADC
  • Sensor excitation
  • Temperature compensation option
  • More info
APCS, Australia's leading manufacturer of high quality electronics for process measurement and control has partnered with Absolute Process Instruments to provide the widest range of signal conditioning products available anywhere!

Our Mission: Absolute Process Instruments and APCS are committed to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality products that provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their industrial process measurement challenges, while maintaining long-term harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with our customer, representatives, distributors, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.
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